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The Big 3: oil co’s and legal cases this month

Three of the world’s biggest private oil companies face landmark legal actions this February. Here is a brief run down of the main cases, what they are about and why they matter. 1. US v BP At the centre of the legal fallout from BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster in April 2010 is a  complex civil […]

Chevron oil rig explodes off coast of Nigeria; 2 killed

On Monday 16 January at 4.30 to 5am, Chevron’s KS Endeavour drilling rig burst into flames, approximately 6 miles off the coast of Nigeria. Two workers are reported missing. The gas rig is still said to be burning for the second day running and is reported to have partially collapsed into the ocean. The cause is as yet unconfirmed, […]

The world’s biggest data leak

On Friday 2 September, Wikileaks finally published the full batch of over 250,000 secret US diplomatic cables. The unredacted archive of cables is now available online. The decision to dump the data in the open has landed Wikileaks in further controversy and drawn condemnation from its former media partners around the world, due to the possible risk of […]

The Other Gulf

The Other Gulf

Here is an apt quote from Nnimmo Bassey in The Observer. Last year, as the Macoondo Well gushed thousands of barrels of oil into the belly of the Gulf of Mexico, Nnimmo drew our attention to the Niger Delta’s daily woes: We see frantic efforts being made to stop the spill in the US. But […]

The Biggest Oil Spill in the World

The Biggest Oil Spill in the World

PLATFORM featured on Channel 4 News this evening, providing analysis on two current news stories – the revelations of the full extent of environmental devastation in Ogoni land contained in the UN’s new report, and Shell’s admission of liability for two recent oil spills in Bodo, Ogoniland. Campaigner Ben Amunwa helped provide background research as […]

Ballad of the Black Gold

New from Talib Kweli, this hard-hitting music video unpacks the story of  of Nigeria’s oil curse, the Ogoni struggle and the complicit role of Western governments and companies. Warning: this video contains strong political language.

Nigerian Regulators Need Real Powers

Breaking years of silence, politicians and regulators in Nigeria are talking tough on oil spills in the aftershock of the BP disaster. Officials had stern words with Shell over its inadequate clean-up activities, and Exxon Mobil, who were ‘cautioned’ over a recent spill of over a million gallons. Upping the stakes, the governor of Delta […]

The $20 Billion Question

On day 58 of BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster, the US government forced BP to allocate $20 billion to compensate victims affected. While US lawmakers decried the fact that only $71 million had been paid out last Tuesday, the contrast with the Niger Delta is striking. Victims in the small village of Ebebu have waited for 40 […]

Will BP Oil Spill Make Shell ‘Come Clean’?

Will BP Oil Spill Make Shell ‘Come Clean’?

As the US government takes BP to task over the disasterous Gulf of Mexico spill, many Nigerians (including twitter users) are asking, ‘what about Shell?’. There is nothing clean about Shell’s operations in the Niger Delta, where daily oil spills are  frequently ignored for months and where ‘clean up’ methods include dumping oil-drenched soil into pits before […]

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