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Legal Oil, Ethical Oil and Profiteering in the Niger Delta and the Canadian North

In this guest blog post, Professor Anna Zalik of York University Canada explores how governments and multinationals criminalise protest and gloss over the environmental injustices of oil extraction. Q: What does the Canadian Government’s fury at opponents of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline have to do with the Nigerian ‘legaloil’ campaign? A: Both positions are about justifying private profits and […]

Sweet Crude: the movie

“To an oil company, it’s liquid gold.” That’s how filmmaker Sandi Cioffi describes Nigerian oil, known as ‘sweet crude’ because it is low in sulphur and therefore cheaper and easier to refine. The trailer below is for Sweet Crude, the film. An amazing and insightful documentary by Sandi Cioffi, it looks at the appalling legacy of […]

Shell funds militant clashes in Nigeria: exclusive interviews with Platform

BBC Business Daily conducted an in-depth interview with researcher Ben Amunwa about Platform’s new report, titled Counting the Cost, on Shell’s human rights abuses in the Niger Delta. Shell were invited to the interview but refused to attend. The BBC World Service broadcast the interview to hundred millions of listeners worldwide this morning. You can […]

Report: 2 Protesters Shot and Gov’t Official Killed in Ogoniland

Disturbing news has emerged that on Sunday 12 June, 2 Ogoni youth were reportedly shot dead by Nigerian police following a protest against the relocation of Bori Camp military base to Ogoniland. A government official who was backing the Rivers State Government’s plan was also reported killed in a retaliation. Saharareporter’s investigations revealed that trouble […]

War for Oil in the Niger Delta

War for Oil in the Niger Delta

For the past few months, the Nigerian military has waged war on the Niger Delta in a desperate attempt to restore Nigeria’s faltering oil production, which has almost halved due to security concerns. Tuesday 15th September is due to be the last day of the ceasefire observed by MEND, the main group of insurgents in […]

Complicit then: complicit now?

Complicit then: complicit now?

The same week that Shell are on trial for complicity in brutal crackdowns against the Ogoni people, including the murder of non-violent activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, the Nigerian military has launched a large offensive against the people of the Niger Delta, in an attempt to crush armed insurgent groups. All the while, Shell, the largest oil […]

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