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Hold Shell accountable for human rights abuses in Nigeria

Hold Shell accountable for human rights abuses in Nigeria

A global coalition of NGOs, human rights monitors, academics and analysts have joined Platform in sending a letter to the Board members of Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Nigeria which holds Shell to account for its role in recent human rights abuses in Nigeria. Below is a short extract from the letter: Today the US Supreme […]

Video: Chevron rig blazes off the coast of Nigeria

This disturbing video from Al Jazeera shows what’s left of Chevron’s KS Endeavour gas rig, which exploded on 16 January 2012. Over 20 days later the site is still ablaze and the intense flames and plumes of smoke can be seen from the nearby fishing village. Local community activists released this footage:  

Legal Oil, Ethical Oil and Profiteering in the Niger Delta and the Canadian North

In this guest blog post, Professor Anna Zalik of York University Canada explores how governments and multinationals criminalise protest and gloss over the environmental injustices of oil extraction. Q: What does the Canadian Government’s fury at opponents of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline have to do with the Nigerian ‘legaloil’ campaign? A: Both positions are about justifying private profits and […]

Shell’s Bonga oil spill hits Nigerian communities

Click on the image to view the full video from NTD Shell’s major oil spill at the offshore Bonga facility in Nigeria is threatening the livelihoods of at least 13 different coastal communities, reports Reuters. As thick crude oil continues washing up on Nigeria’s shoreline, Shell is denying responsibility and claims that “non-Bonga oil” from a third party […]

Sattelite images of Shell’s massive oil spill in Nigeria

Sattelite images of Shell’s massive oil spill in Nigeria

  The Bonga oil field, one of Shell’s largest offshore oil facilities was shut down on Tuesday 20 December after a massive oil spill. The cause? It appears to be a combination of human error and / or equipment failure. What the BBC describes as “leak during a transfer of oil to a tanker” led to a […]

Own Up, Clean Up, Pay Up: Amnesty’s new report on Shell

Amnesty International today demanded that Shell immediately pay $1 billion towards an initial clean up fund for the Ogoni region of the Niger Delta, a scheme recommended by the UN this August. A new report today published by Amnesty International and the Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD) has called on Shell to accept responsibility […]

A quick plug for our new (and beautiful) printed reports

A quick plug for our new (and beautiful) printed reports

Counting the Cost, Platform’s new report on Shell Nigeria, is now available in print! Please buy your copy here. The report looks and feels incredible, thanks to our amazing designers at Ultimate Holding Company. Buying a copy of the report enables Platform to do more campaigning for human rights and corporate accountability in Nigeria. Your support is already […]

TAKE ACTION: Demand corporate accountability

The Global Greengrants Fund has set  up an online petition calling on Shell to immediately clean up its appalling pollution in the Niger Delta and end its daily human rights abuses. The action has collected over 14,900 signatures since Wednesday 19 October. Let’s see if we can hit 20,000 by the end of the week! Please sign the petition now. […]

Canada’s Dirty and Dangerous Tar Sands

When the pro-tar sands lobby group pounced on Platform’s new research on Nigeria to justify Canada’s “blood oil”, we were disgusted. Here is my blog response in The Huffington Post Canada. (Note they changed the title from ‘tar sands’ to the more innocuous ‘oil sands’). Canada’s Dirty and Dangerous Oil Sands has a reputation for […]

Report ties Shell to human rights abuse, environmental destruction in Niger Delta

US radio station FSRN interviews Platform’s Ben Amunwa on the new report, Counting the Cost, which implicates Shell in new human rights abuses in the Niger Delta. The interview includes reference to the different ways that Shell’s ‘community development’ projects have undermined stability, and the company’s appalling record of environmental destruction and oil spills. The […]

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