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Shell oil spill worst in a decade, says Nigerian regulator

Nigeria’s oil spill agency, NOSDRA, says that Shell’s Bonga oil spill “is likely the worst in a decade.” Peter Idabor of the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency told The Associated Press on Thursday that oil from the spill in Shell’s Bonga field has spread to roughly 100 nautical miles. Idabor said he expects […]

Sattelite images of Shell’s massive oil spill in Nigeria

Sattelite images of Shell’s massive oil spill in Nigeria

  The Bonga oil field, one of Shell’s largest offshore oil facilities was shut down on Tuesday 20 December after a massive oil spill. The cause? It appears to be a combination of human error and / or equipment failure. What the BBC describes as “leak during a transfer of oil to a tanker” led to a […]

Own Up, Clean Up, Pay Up: Amnesty’s new report on Shell

Amnesty International today demanded that Shell immediately pay $1 billion towards an initial clean up fund for the Ogoni region of the Niger Delta, a scheme recommended by the UN this August. A new report today published by Amnesty International and the Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD) has called on Shell to accept responsibility […]

Shell funds militant clashes in Nigeria: exclusive interviews with Platform

BBC Business Daily conducted an in-depth interview with researcher Ben Amunwa about Platform’s new report, titled Counting the Cost, on Shell’s human rights abuses in the Niger Delta. Shell were invited to the interview but refused to attend. The BBC World Service broadcast the interview to hundred millions of listeners worldwide this morning. You can […]

Aljazeera: UN slams Shell over Nigeria pollution

Aljazeera produced this excellent video about Shell’s oil spills in Ogoni. In it, Ledum Mittee of MOSOP (the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People) calls on the Nigerian government to revoke Shell’s licence.

UNEP report on oil spills in Ogoni: a summary from SDN

If you don’t have the time to read UNEP’s 262 page report on the impact of oil spill’s in Ogoni, don’t panic. Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN), a group that works on the ground in the Niger Delta supporting community rights, has produced this helpful summary. As we noted previously, UNEP’s findings are particularly damning for Shell. As the main […]

UNEP report omits Shell’s massive oil spills, says expert

UNEP report omits Shell’s massive oil spills, says expert

A pattern of omissions has emerged since the UNEP report was published last week. An oil spill expert, journalists and a coalition of environmental groups have taken issue with what the report left out. (Shell commissioned UNEP’s 2 year study and was the sole funder of the $9 million investigation into the ecological impact of oil spills […]

The long struggle for justice in Ogoni

US-based EarthRights International (ERI) use the law to defend human rights and the environment. They recently posted up their perspective on Shell’s admission of liability for oil spills in Bodo, Ogoni.  ERI’s super-hot legal team worked with other leading human rights advocates to hold Shell accountable for its active involvement in crimes against humanity in […]

The Biggest Oil Spill in the World

The Biggest Oil Spill in the World

PLATFORM featured on Channel 4 News this evening, providing analysis on two current news stories – the revelations of the full extent of environmental devastation in Ogoni land contained in the UN’s new report, and Shell’s admission of liability for two recent oil spills in Bodo, Ogoniland. Campaigner Ben Amunwa helped provide background research as […]

The struggle for justice in Ogoni

Here is a heartfelt comment piece in The Guardian on the local reaction in Ogoni to Shell’s oil spill payout. Shell has admitted liability but has a long way to go to make amends Oil spills destroyed my village in Nigeria and decades of environmental and social injustice are still to be addressed. By Patrick […]

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